Friday, January 15, 2010

::Lucky Luck Getz New LP-" Won Trip"::

"Lucky Luck Getz,

Known for his acting work in Tondrae Kemp skits and music videos. Actor,Comedian, Music Producer Lucky Luck presents his debut LP "Won Trip"

An interesting juggernaut of both eclectic and plain old ghetto tracks and vocals. Featuring Dammian Moore's strong and rich vocals and lyrical content thru out on several tracks produced by Lucky. Lucky reminds you of a freestyle hip hop preacher or better yet black irish priest who delivers while sipping from a flask. I mean he pops off with whatever is on his mind from the real to the surreal. Both random and poignant. A capturing of two mens reality within a time and a very certain life experience.

Lots of instrumentals. would like to hear more of him, but they're really nice mixes in any case. I'd say, overall in short something like....Imagine Public Enemy,on a lil absinthe but doing something else."

-BigUp Therighteous-writer/producer-

Hear/Buy it Here:

Download "Growing Up Dreamin" here!:


After a 12 year hiatus from DJ'ing and Tastemaking, International Playboy DJ, DJ Ungh!! is Back with his second installment of that good old Old School Funk, Rare Grooves, Sampleland Lesson and Mood Maker " OLD SCHOOL ORCHESTRATIONS 2"

Thank you for taking time from your yachting and wine tasting to bless us once again!!

old school orchestrations 2